Alex Turner, is that you?


Would potentially be so excited for this if she hadn't done a PEPE jeans ad, and if she would stop touting her LOVE of jeans, when apart from her plain blue skinnies she's rarely wearing the fabric. Yet, she's giving UK citizens her opinion on denim. But why? I think Alexa is a fashion schizophrenic: one minute she's sarcastic demure vintage cute- the next it's 'oh hey! I'm my boyfriend!'


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  1. they do mirror each other a lot, lol.

    i agree the styling is a bit suspect but at least she's in casual wear. i prefer that to when they put her in gowns or clothing really out of her usual. she is best when they let some of her personal style shine through. the rest of the editorial is a bit better then the cover i can't wait for hq scans.

    as for skins i watch it on ninjavideo.net. they uploaded it pretty quickly and you can stream it instead of download it.